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What Is this Blog About

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety about eight months ago. I created this blog, “Hello Simon”, to share my journey with this mental illness: the years leading up to my diagnosis, the struggles I faced and continue to face and the discoveries I made about myself. I want to invite others to share their personal experiences with mental illnesses, whether it’s your own experience or that of a family member or friend.

I want to give others a chance to see into our minds, to give them an intimate view of how mental illnesses affect our thought processes and daily lives, and how they influence the way we interact with the world. This venture of sharing I find is important because, although various literatures provide good information on different mental illnesses, they don’t explain everything. Since mental illnesses affect each person differently, this blog is an opportunity for us to share our different experiences. 

I understand how difficult it can be to share our stories with the world. Thus, I encourage the comfort of anonymity. Our identity will be in our voices, not our names.  

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  • Death by Suicide Is Not A Sign of Weakness
    On the local news a few months ago there was discussion about the increase in the number of suicides for 2020. In 2020 in the Bahamas, there was a 38% increase in the number of suicides.
  • The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in the Caribbean
    Mental Health has long been known as a taboo topic of discussion within the Caribbean region. As nationals of this region we pride ourselves as strong people due to the resilience from our unfortunate history of chattel slavery.
  • Is Self-Care Important?
    I never really paid attention to self-care until recently. All those posts about self-care just didn’t appeal to me. I simply didn’t think self-care was important. But, after starting my mental health instagram account, I felt as if I wasContinue reading “Is Self-Care Important?”
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